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    A system for the retention and management of personal data within an organization.

    It is a ready solution that behaves like a fully dedicated, internal system covering all domain systems in the company that store and process personal data.

    Who is it for?

    Oblivio is a solution for:

    Every company that:

    • Has at least 1 system in which it stores and processes personal data.
    • Is aware of the current challenges related to the processing of personal data, but doesn't yet have a ready solution in place.
    • Uses many varied legal bases to process personal data.


    Oblivio integrates with one of our other products Detecto, so you can easily search for personal data in various systems and databases.


    How does it work?

    Initial state

    Oblivio - data retention and anonymization system

    Two separate business systems containing customers’ personal data

    (can be different in different systems):

    System A - sales system

    System B - marketing system


    The processing contract expires

    In System A the basis for processing personal data expires.

    Based on the configured data retention rules, Oblivio detects that the legal basis for data processing in Systems A and B has disappeared.


    Start of the anonymization process

    After the retention period has elapsed, the anonymization process begins.

    The system maintainer is asked to accept data retention (this step can be skipped and is fully configurable). If approval is given, Oblivio generates a fictitious person and implements anonymization in Systems A and B.


    Exit state

    Customer data has been anonymized in Systems A and B.


    Implementation process

    Identification of personal data in systems

    At this stage, we identify the presence of personal data in the customer's systems.

    We also specify on what legal basis personal data sets are processed.

    IMPORTANT This process can be aided by our third product, Detecto, which automatically detects personal data in databases.

    Data analysis

    Based on the indicated data, the data locations and the method of anonymization are determined.

    The relationships between systems are taken into account so that the anonymization maintains data consistency across all systems.

    Determining data retention rules

    The data retention rules for systems are set. The basis for data processing by the system, the retention period and the person responsible for personal data in a given system are also defined during this stage.

    ATTENTION The rules are flexible and reflect real-life processes.

    Want to implement tools for anonymization and/or retention of personal data?

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    Risk minimization

    Oblivio allows for the reduction of risks associated with regulations and sanctions arising from GDPR.


    Comprehensively implement the right to be forgotten by centrally managing data retention in all systems.


    Reports allow you to track statistics related to data retention and operation of all systems on an ongoing basis.


    The system records all operations performed by users and machines, ensuring full accountability for each operation.


    Thanks to automation, we can easily delete and anonymize personal data in all systems.

    Implementation support

    We guarantee the proper functioning of the system through consultations during implementation, training, transferring of good practices related to the use of the application, and post-implementation consultations.