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  • Tools for the anonymization and retention of personal data

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    A tool for anonymization of personal data within IT systems.


    A tool for detection of personal data and other sensitive data in databases.


    A system for the retention and management of personal data within an organization.


    Want to implement tools for anonymization and/or retention of personal data?

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    Why is it worth it?

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      Nocturno allows you to maintain the highest quality during development and testing by preserving the quality and characteristics of data as well as the possibility of implementing the system in multiple systems simultaneously.

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      Detecto enables you to locate the sensitive data you need to anonymize in all your systems.

    • 3

      Oblivio gives you the ability to comprehensively implement the right to be forgotten by centrally managing data retention in all systems.

    By implementing Nocturno, Oblivio i Detecto you increase the security of sensitive data in your organization and ensure GDPR compliance.