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  • A tool for detection of personal data

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    A tool for detecting personal data and other sensitive data in shared file resources, documents located on personal computers, e-mail. Revelio allows you to identify business processes that generate documents and recommend their digitization. It supports the process of employee involvement in ensuring information security and responsibility for the created and shared documents. It is a tool that facilitates the implementation of anonymization and retention in the organization and keeping the anonymization processes up-to-date.

    Who is it for?

    Revelio is a solution for organizations that:

    want to identify documents in which sensitive data is stored,

    looking for a way to ensure the highest level of security information,

    want to build awareness of employees and involve them in a continuous process of keeping sensitive data safe, often critical for the operation of the Organization,

    they want to consciously digitize the processes that generate the documents containing sensitive data


    Revelio integrates with our other two products, Nocturno and Oblivio, allowing for the anonymization and retention of personal data while also detecting such data in all files and documents.


    Want to implement tools for anonymization and/or retention of personal data?

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    Identification of places where personal and sensitive data are located


    Detecting business areas that can be digitized


    Integration with retention processes, automating the process of deleting data in documents for which the processing basis has expired


    Building employee awareness and delegating responsibility for the created documents.


    Support for over 150 file formats.