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    This anonymization application uses extensive dictionaries and generators to preserve the data characteristics of production databases.

    It is a very efficient tool allowing for data anonymization in multiple systems at once while preserving data consistency. It fully utilizes parallel processing and cache and is able to anonymize personal data as well as other sensitive data, e.g. financial data.

    Who is it for?

    Nocturno is a solution for:

    Every team that plans on implementing a solution to support anonymization processes in the near future

    Teams responsible for:

    • Creation, development and maintenance of systems in which sensitive data is stored
    • Software testing processes
    • Transferring anonymized reports and data to other systems


    Nocturno integrates with one of our other products - Detecto, allowing you to easily search for sensitive data in various systems and databases.


    How does it work?

    For development purposes, certain types of data can be erased or replaced by strings of numbers or letters. However, there are also types of data that require special anonymization algorithms, for example: personal identity numbers, dates of birth, tax ID numbers, etc.

    These types of data may have a built-in checksum mechanism or special composite value verified by the source system. Overwriting this data with inconsistent values can lead to system malfunctions.

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      Allows you to declare rules for values that are to be anonymized. It also has built-in generators for the most common data types.

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      Takes into account the complexity of modern IT systems so they can be adapted to the structure of the database.

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      Ensures the consistency of anonymized data between different databases within an organization.

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      Supports many database types (MySQL, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, PostreSQL and others).

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      Comes with built-in generators for different data types such as: first and last name, personal identity number, tax ID number, address and others.

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      Generates data in various languages (e.g. Polish and English).


    *At your request we can implement generators tailored to individual needs during the implementation process.

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    Central Anonymization Database

    This ensures the consistency of anonymized data between different databases within an organization. In practice, the same person in production systems will be anonymized identically each time anonymization is started on different databases.

    Implementation Process


    The implementation of Nocturno begins with our analysis of your data as conducted by our consultants.*

    Personal and sensitive data are searched for in a data set and then we configure the system to begin the anonymization process.


    The anonymization process is created using generators to obtain anonymized data.

    Configuration Versioning

    Changes in functionality, structure or scope of data storage in systems, with which Nocturno is integrated, will not affect the quality of anonymization thanks to the ability to adjust the tool configuration to the new version of the system. This is a one-way and secure process.

    Want to implement tools for anonymization and/or retention of personal data?

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    By maintaining the quality and characteristics of the anonymized data, we can easily maintain high quality of development and testing, including performance tests.


    Nocturno can be utilized as an element of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery by using tools such as Jenkins, allowing for automated anonymization of development and testing environments.


    Due to the high performance of the solution, the anonymization process is practically imperceptible to the organization and its processes.

    Test support

    Thanks to anonymization, reproduction of production errors in test/development environments can take place without having to operate on personal data.


    Nocturno allows for reducing the number of people with access to production data, and thus increases the level of legal security in the organization.


    Thanks to automatic anonymization, we can restore the database at any time by going back to the appropriate version.