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    A tool for detecting personal data and other sensitive data in databases. Detecto is also used to detect changes in database structures.

    This tool facilitates the implementation of anonymization and data retention in an organization, while helping to keep the anonymity processes up to date.

    Who is it for?

    Detecto is a solution for:

    - Organizations that want to anonymize data sets and want to ascertain what personal and sensitive data appear in their databases.

    - Organizations that have already implemented the anonymization process and want to ensure the highest quality of data security.


    Detecto integrates with our other two products, Nocturno and Oblivio, allowing for the anonymization and retention of personal data while also detecting such data in all databases.


    Want to implement tools for anonymization and/or retention of personal data?

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    Support for data anonymization and retention

    The tool can support the implementation and maintenance of data anonymization and retention.

    Change detection

    This allows you to verify changes made to the database and decide whether or not a change in the anonymization process is required.

    Defined rules and dictionaries

    The tool searches for data based on defined rules, regular expressions and dictionaries.

    Search based on structure definitions and data samples

    Definitions of data structures and data samples are taken into account in the search.

    Detection of areas for anonymization

    Detecto allows for detection of structure changes in databases, which makes it easier to detect potential areas that should be covered by the anonymization process.